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Welcome back to a new year and celebrating Howe Sound Dance Academy’s 20th year.  I hope that everyone is settling into the new season.  Howe Sound Dance Academy’s administrator Mrs Ofelia Blanchard will be at the studio Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00-9:00pm.


Please remove your shoes and place them on the available shoe rack at the door upon entering the waiting area of the studio.

Several HSDA students take more than 1 class per day and may need a snack/meal during their break time at the studio and do homework.  In the past the studios have been left messy, particularly with food, drink and coffee cups left around the waiting area.  It is expected that any mess made (spilling crumbs, food, drink and left over coffee cups) will be cleaned up by whoever made the mess and that belongings are kept tidy.  Not doing so results in a messy receptions area, making it difficult for the next set of students to warm up and stretch properly.  Spilled crumbs, food, drink and left over coffee cups can lead to unsanitary conditions and can attract pests.  Students, siblings and their guests are accountable to help maintain studio cleanliness and keeping it orderly by picking up after themselves and respecting studio property.  HSDA maintains a no junk food, no pop in the studio/reception/waiting area policy.  This type of food offers no nutritional value required to sustain a dancer’s physical and mental energy.  Make a healthier choice:  water instead of pop or “energy drinks”, veggies, fruits and raisons instead of candy, yogurt or homemade sandwich instead of chips or pizza.


Most information is available through HSDA’s website at If you are on Facebook, there is a Howe Sound Dance Academy page with HSDA info, as well as a “closed” group site for more detailed information.  You need to request to join the HSDA group.

In order to be more eco friendly HSDA is now emailing monthly newsletters, please confirm receipt of email when requested.

Please notify us of any change in phone number, email address and/or mailing address.

Newsletters will be posted on notice boards at the studio and scheduling change info will be available as a recorded message on the studio’s telephone greeting.    Hard copies of newsletters will be at the studio. Parent Volunteers may be called upon to pass on information with regards to extra classes, rehearsals or show information. We encourage parents to come into the studio so that they can see what happens at the studio.  Be pro active in finding out if you have extra practices, rehearsals, performances and/or competition details if you have missed a class.

If you cannot find the information that you are looking for or need to discuss something then please contact the studio by phone or email.

HSDA’s administrative help Mrs. HSDA’s administrative help, Mrs. Ofelia Blanchard will be at the studio Mondays and Wednesdays 3:00-9:00 pm.  Given the hours that dance teachers work, the best form of communication for all teachers is to email

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