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Festival Du Ballet #1 & Peak Burnaby

Festival du Ballet #1 & Peak Burnaby

Festival du Ballet is at the Surrey Arts Center, 13750 88 Ave, Surrey, BC V3W 3L1 March 14-16

Thursday March 14 (Miss B all day) Friday March 15 (Miss B all day) Saturday March 16 (Miss Douglas)
11:20am Lyndsay Westall Talisman 10:21am Brielle Brubacher 2:13pm Maeve Dewar Paquita
11:23am Lyndsay Westall Don Q 5:23pm The Common Groovy  
12:10pm Action & Reaction 5:28pm Liza, Brielle & Lyndsay  


Peak Burnaby is at Michael J Fox Theater, 7373 Macpherson Ave, Burnaby, BC V5J 2B7 April 7-13


Sunday April 7 (Miss Jessie all Day) Monday April 8 (Miss B all day) Tuesday April 9 (Miss B all day) Wednesday April 10


4:53pm I’m a Lady 2:32pm This is a New Year 12:44pm Sienna & Claire 1:16pm Hannah Harper (Miss B)
    1:21pm Shay & Kailey 7:05pm Sophia Katramadakis (Sienna)
      7:11pm Sienna Gerhart (Sophia)
Thursday April 11 Friday April 12 (Miss B all day) Saturday April 13
9:40am Lyndsay & Hannah (Miss B) 9:42am Chloe & Jenna 10:27am Ella MacPhee (Nevermind)
10:17am Briana & Sophia (Miss B) 10:24am Everybody Wants to Rule 12:26pm Nevermind (Miss Shaylee)
1:07pm Magic (Miss B) 11:07am Lyndsay Westall – River 3:56pm Hannah Jajic (Zoe & Sam)
1:36pm Move Your Body (Miss B) 1:33pm Easy 3:58pm Zoe Carter (Hannah & Sam)
4:14pm Clearly (Kailey C) 4:00pm You’re Enough 4:01pm Sam Horne (Zoe & Hannah)
7:15pm Kailey Chelswick 8:16pm Shay Denis 5:24pm Torches (Miss Shaylee)


Students should arrive at the theater a minimum of 90 minutes before scheduled dance time with hair and make up DONE to allow time to properly warm up.

Competitions can run up to 20 mins early, so it is important that the dancers are ready to dance to prevent injuries.   If you chose to arrive without hair and make up done it is recommended to arrive 2 hours early as there are limited mirrors and you are likely to take longer. This organization has been known to run early and you have to be ready when called.  As always, we will try to have an HSDA teacher there to warm you up and play your music, but it may not always be possible as they often have to teach in the day/evenings.  You are responsible to find your teacher/person looking after you at the theatre.

Please have dedicated “performance” tights that are not worn for anything besides competition.  This means no holes, stains, runs or snags.  Make sure you know at what height on the leg your tights are being worn at.

Please have clean shoes with minimum scuff marks.  Please ensure that canvas ballet slippers have been washed and that all ribbons and elastics are securely sewn on.

Items to have “just in case”:  back up tights of required style and color, sewing kit with correct color thread, scissors and needles, safety pins (big ones and little ones), band-aids, clear nail polish (if your back up tights should get a run), nail polish remover, hair brush, hair comb, hair elastics, hair pins, bobby pins, hair nets, hair straightener and/or curler (relevant to what your teacher wants for your hair), hair spray and/or gel (extra strong hold), spot remover (tide to go), rosin (for ballet dances), double sided tape, advil/Tylenol, full make up kit including foundation, eye shadows (cream/vanilla color and dark brown), eye liner, mascara, false eye lashes with glue, blush (of appropriate color to skin tone), lipstick (of correct shade for the group), lip pencil to match, make up brushes,  small mirror.

Items to make sure you have:  all your costumes for that day including hair pieces, tights, shoes and any other accessories, mp3 player with music to practice before you go on stage.  Make a list of all the items you need to bring and triple check it before leaving your house.  Check again that you have all your belongings before leaving the theatre too!!!

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