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Attendance and Punctuality

Students are expected to arrive at the studios in sufficient time to be ready for class at start time.  Students are expected to call the studio 604 892 5500 or email if unable to attend class.  Students that fail to attend class regularly fail to be punctual, and/or display a lack of progress may be excluded from taking exams and/or participating in performances/competitions. Students who miss class put the entire class at a disadvantage, due to the fact that absent students must be taught the missed material while the rest of the class repeats what they covered the week before. This allows restlessness and boredom to replace interest and activity.


HSDA expects that students exhibit a positive and disciplined attitude.  Treat others with respect and courtesy. You do not have to be friends with everyone, but you can at least be polite; chronic negativity and bullying (bullying includes but not limited to, physical or verbal intimidation, verbal harassment and cyber bullying which occurs on or off dance school property) will not be tolerated and students can be expelled as a result of their behavior and/or actions and of their parents at HSDA’s discretion.  Any student destroying or damaging HSDA property will be promptly dismissed.


Students are responsible for wearing the proper dress to class as outlined in CLOTHING REQUIREMENTS.  Students not wearing the proper gear may not be permitted to participate in class.


Appropriate dance shoes are required.  All ribbons and laces must be tied before class.

Hair Styles

For ALL classes the student’s hair must be neatly tied back and OFF the face.  For ballet classes a classical bun is required.  Students will be sent out of class if these requirements are not met.

Chewing gum is not allowed, as it is a choking hazard and a sign of disrespect.

NO JEWELRY OR WATCHES are allowed in the studios as they can cause harm to both the student wearing them and the other students in the class.


Students auditioning for summer programs or other programs must notify HSDA in advance of their intentions.  HSDA teachers encourage auditioning for outside summer programs and are able to assist in program selection.

**HSDA students are not permitted to take dance lessons at other dance schools**

WE ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR LOST, STOLEN, OR MISPLACED ARTICLES.    Putting garments into a dance bag will greatly reduce missing clothes, shoes and watches.  Keeping the reception area tidy will also decrease the misplacement of belongings.  Please do not bring valuables to the studio; even when carefully looked after belongings get left behind or misplaced.  Note: HSDA maintains a ‘Lost and Found’ box at each location for non-perishable and non-soiled property. These boxes will be emptied at the end of each month and the contents discarded.

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