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Withdrawals and Cancellations

Notification of withdrawal must be submitted to HSDA in writing by one week prior to the respective quarterly fee due date.  Word of mouth or non-attendance will not be considered as such notification. Should you choose to withdraw part way thru a quarter there will not be a refund for the remaining of the quarter.  Withdrawal of partial classes will be treated equally.

Application to cancel a class will incur a $30.00 administrative fee per class cancelled.

Post dated cheques will be returned for the respective quarterly payment provided notification, as outlined above, is given; after that, tuition becomes non-refundable. Family credit may be given in the case of prolonged absence of more than two weeks due to illness if accompanied by a doctor’s note.  If you have a problem with payments you MUST talk to Miss Blanchard for an alternate payment plan.

Notification of withdrawal must be submitted to HSDA in writing; word of mouth or non-attendance will not be considered as such notification.

Registration, costume, exam, competition, extra exam and private class fees are non-refundable.

Make-Up Classes, Extra Classes, Class Placement & Change of Schedules

Sometimes during the year make-up classes may be held for previous or future cancellations.  There is no charge for make-up classes.

Extra practices will be required during exam, competition and performance season. There will be an additional fee for any extra exam and/or competition classes.  This fee is at the discretion of the instructor.  Additional fees are to be paid in advance directly to your teacher.  It is difficult to forecast if and how many privates extra classes will be required as students’ progress at different rates, 3-8 classes is realistic.  This considered private tutoring.  The instructor providing the service enters a private service with you and can set their rate with you that they feel comfortable with.  Any monies go directly to the instructor.  The $25 per ½ hour estimation is based on the premium so that you know the highest you would have to pay.  However, it is up to the individual teacher to determine their rate (you can expect to pay $5-25 depending on how participants, length of lesson and relevant to instructor involved).  The idea is that the cost can be shared across all competitive group members, members of an exam set or as semi private or private fees.

From time to time, it is necessary to move a student from one class to another allowing her/him to progress more steadily.  It is done in the best interest of the students.  This will be done at the teacher’s discretion in consultation with the parent(s). Although HSDA attempts to maintain a consistent class schedule, unforeseen circumstances may mandate a change. In these cases HSDA will make every effort to accommodate everyone but sometimes it is not possible. Advance notice will be given for any such changes.

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