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The dress rehearsal is Tuesday May 28 at the Eagle Eye Theater starting at 5:30pm.   Please arrive ½ hour before your dance time and have full costume, hair and make up.  The dress rehearsal is for all participants.  Dress rehearsals are to help students and teachers see the flow of the show, become aware of any quick changes and figure out technical difficulties.

  • Full stage make up is required.
  • Hair should be in “show bun”, center part, pony tail in line with the ears, please no donut or sock buns.
  • Full costume with all props and accessories is required.
  • This is likely the running order of the show, it should be finalized by dress rehearsal day. As long as each dancer has at least 1 dance to change in the order will remain the same.  If you have less than 2 dances to change in, please change at the side of the stage and make sure that you have helpers. Please let Miss B know if you have back to back dances asap.

Please arrive early to change into costume, once changed and ready to dance sit in the audience section of the theater with your group so we don’t have to go searching for you when it is your tim e to dance.  Changing into your costume at the theatre or wearing your costume under HSDA warm ups will help protect it from any accidents and wear and tear.

As always, we will do our best to stay on time.  However dress rehearsals can run late.  This can be avoided by students arriving early and ready to dance.  Students may leave once they have danced, but we encourage them to watch each other perform.  Parents may also watch the dress rehearsal.  Out of respect for the dancers and to help rehearsals stay on time, we ask that the audience keep talking to a minimum.  If you are too loud or disruptive you will be asked to leave, and it will be a closed rehearsal.   No food or drink other than water is permitted in the Eagle Eye Theatre.  These are not our rules but the rules of the theater, please respect them.

Cast A

1.       Gr 8 Ballet – The Incredibles

2.       Creative Dance 3 & 4 years Saturday – Power Puff Girls

3.       Lyrical Competitive Intermediate – You’re Enough

4.       Primary Ballet Monday – Stormtroopers

5.       Modern Competitive Junior – Clearly

6.       Jazz Prelim – The Blacklist

7.       Performance Jazz 1 – Sailor Moon

8.       Creative Dance 3 & 4 years Monday – Beach Girls


9.       Acro 3 – Vampires

10.   Stepping Stones Jazz – Material Girls

11.   Gr 1 Ballet – Anastasia

12.   Primary Jazz – Spice Girls

13.   Performance Hip Hop 4 – The Riddlers

14.   Acro 1 – Penguins

15.   Lyrical Competitive Junior – A wrinkle in Time

16.   Jazz Competitive Advanced – Move your Body

7: 30-8:30

17.   Tap – Captain America

18.   Ballet Competitive Novice – The Sorcerer’s Apprentice

19.   Grade 1 Jazz – No Excuses

20.   Performance Hip Hop 3 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

21.   Acro 4 – Catwoman

22.   Performance Jazz 4 – Night at the Roxbury

23.   Performance Lyrical 1 – Cinderella

24.   Jazz Competitive Novice – I’m a Lady


25.   Modern Competitive Intermediate – The Hunger Games

26.   Performance Lyrical/Modern 4 – Guardians of the Galaxy

27.   Jazz Competitive Intermediate – Nevermind

28.   Gr 7 Ballet – Venom

29.   Gr 4 Jazz – The Mummy

30.  Advanced Foundation Ballet – Tombraider

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