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Modern dance is a ballet based discipline usually danced bare foot. It focuses on creative self-expression rather than on technical virtuosity. Modern dance is a more relaxed, free style of dance, in contrast to ballet’s structured code of steps. It has a deliberate use of gravity, tension and release, whereas ballet strives to appear light and airy.

Performance Modern Levels 1-4

Classes are 1 hour in length.  These classes are non-competitive and non-exam classes.   Students will learn the elements of modern dance.

Modern Competitive (all levels)

These classes are 45 minutes in duration.  Students must audition for these classes.  Only dance choreography for competition is worked on.  Enrollment in graded RAD exam class with intent to take ballet exam at the appropriate level, technique class at the appropriate level, “tricks & stretch” class at the appropriate level, performance or exam class in any discipline.

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